Why Do We Lose? Don’t Blame Nancy!

A few observations regarding Nancy Pelosi:

1. Some progressives don’t want her, not because she’s a bad leader or incompetent, but because she’s old.

2. Not one person rejecting her has questioned her accomplishments, or her abilities.

2. Not one person objecting to her has named an alternative who would be better on MERIT. They simply want someone shiny and new.

This reeks of mysogyny, even as the “Bernie movement” still enjoys significant support.¬† I suspect many who want to dump Pelosi would welcome another Bernie run in 2020.

But here’s the thing. If we take back the House in November, we better have leadership that knows the ropes. A steady hand at the helm to steer the legislative ship through what will surely be treacherous waters. Because Republicans aren’t going down easy, and they fight dirty.

There will be plenty of new blood entering Congress on the crest of the blue wave. Future leaders will emerge and be ready to assume leadership positions within the next couple of election cycles. That is a very short time. Unless you are impatient.

News flash: we ain’t getting single-payer health care any time soon. That will take years, and multiple election cycles to even get close, with Republicans obstructing every step of the way. The best we can hope for at this time is to put the brakes on the GOP agenda and slow down the backsliding. We will need to take bake State Houses and governorships so we can redraw Congressional districts, or we will be looking at 10 more years of erosion of our democracy by Republican rule.

Why do we lose? Not because of failed leadership, but because conservatives are better at the long game. They’ve been working on this agenda at least since the 1950s. (I highly recommend¬†Bruce Bacon‘s linked essay “America’s Conservative Road to Destruction” for a deep dive on this topic).


Who’s Afraid of Nancy Pelosi -Paul Krugman

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