It All Comes Down To This

I’ve been thinking about this John Lennon quote. How relevant it is to today’s political struggle in America. Republicans are the establishment. They are corrupt to the core, protecting a minority hold on power, and using fear, hate and division to maintain that hold. They have an advantage, not only structurally, but through their willingness to sink to whatever level of depravity necessary to further entrench minority rule.

They are trying to draw Democrats into their depravity. They want Democrats to sink to their level, because for Republicans, nothing is more critical than making ordinary Americans believe both sides are the same. That’s why Republicans don’t really care that our Capitol was attacked. That’s why they accuse Democrats of things they themselves are guilty of.

We cannot be drawn in. We cannot beat them at their game, because it would require that we become just like them. There is no guarantee we will ultimately prevail. If history is a guide, democracy and justice will ultimately prevail. But our choice is clear: stick to our values & principles and have a fighting chance, or abandon them and surely lose whatever it was we thought we stood for.