9-11 What really changed?

I hear people say “everything changed” on 9-11. If so, it’s only because we allowed ourselves to believe it and allowed our leaders to manipulate us into supporting bad choices based upon fear, lies and political opportunism. The only real winners were the military industrial complex and right wing media.

What really changed? We became a country of shallow thinkers, and allowed our government to be overrun by bigots and anti-government right-wing zealots, supported by corporate media and vast amounts of money from the filthy rich operating mostly in the shadows. We allowed arrogant, greedy leaders to manipulate us into a doctrine of aggression and wars of opportunity to line the pockets of corporate masters and war profiteers. We succumbed to blind nationalism, irrational fear, and the ideology that our “god” was the best and we could be secure in the knowledge that our actions were “righteous.” ¬†We ruined a generation of talented and promising young men and women to futile wars that gained us nothing, for which future generations will have to pay.

In the process we lost who we were, or who whe should have aspired to be. We gave up freedoms we took for granted in the name of “security.” We handed over the keys to our government to the corporate oligarchy and allowed them to control our media and the message. The US lost whatever credibility and respect and empathy it may have had in 8 short years of American hubris and interventionism by the Bush administration. And the rich just got richer while the rest stagnated. And the house of cards that was Iraq collapsed under the weight of the smoke & mirrors it was built upon. And the rest of the Middle East followed suit.

And Americans became more and more cynical, cynicism leading to apathy and the kind of fatalism that discourages people to vote. And Russia stepped into the maelstrom with active measures designed to exploit the weaknesses created by right wing ideologies.

And now we have Donald Trump.

What did the guy in the picture above die for? What would he think of what America looks like today?

I wonder if world doesn’t look a lot like what Osama Bin Laden may have imagined when he dreamed of flying jets into buildings. Thanks Mr Bush and Mr Cheney. Thanks Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan. Thanks to every enabler of Trumpism. We will never forget.

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